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Which LED Strip Lights are the Brightest?

Aug 07, 2020
Good LED lighting is the key to letting the space stand out, lifting up the mood and giving a cozy and comfortable feel. The level of brightness plays a crucial role here as it is responsible to make the space look luminous and inviting for people. Even, if you intend to change the atmosphere and mood, just adjust brightness and see how everything will change.

You would have seen a lot of modifications and improvement in lighting technology by now; there was a time when there were only traditional bulbs with specific brightness level and colors. But today, there are LED strip lights that enable you to adjust them as per your requirements. Apart from providing a wide variety, these lighting sources are quite efficient and actually better than the alternatives available out there.

Brightest LED Strip Lights

Though, if you tend to be a little bit confused, don’t bother to make a wrong decision in a hurry. The key is to compare the three lighting options, especially on the basis of their brightness level, and then make a decision.
LED vs CFL vs Incandescent LED CFL Incandescent
Watts 7W 14W 60W
Average cost/bulb $4 max $2 $1
Average useful life 25000hours 8000 hours 12000 hours
No. of bulbs required for 25,000 hours 1 3 21
The fact is quite visible and obvious that LED strip lights need minimal power to provide the same brightness as that of incandescent bulbs and CFL. Other than that, here is what you need to know about the brightest LED strips to reap the benefits:

What is Meant by the Brightest LED Strip?
In technical terms,LED strip lights manufacturer produce SMD 5730 series are the brightest of all. But, do you know what do they mean? Practically, all LED strip lights are provided with certain code names like 5730, 5050, 3014 etc. These numeric terms are basically the physical dimensions of LED strips; for instance, 5050 refers to 5mm x 5mm.

So, the reason why 5730 are the brightest of all is that these strip lights have powerful LEDs that illuminate better than other series. Though, you cannot always compare series with one another because each hold uniqueness and significance in one way the other. You can get the required level of brightness by adding or removing LEDs from the strips.

Why Do You Need the Brightest LED Strip Light?

If you got a chance to visit a stadium, you would have seen that the ground is surrounded with heavy duty floodlights from every angle. They are responsible to keep the entire stadium illuminated for as long as they are needed.
Just like heavy duty LED strip lights are required at the stadium, you will have to figure out your requirements. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to install the brightest accent lighting in your home. Instead, they could be the perfect addition to public places or offices.

For bathrooms, elevators and staircases, medium level LED lights are ideal while the brightest ones can be added to photography and filming equipment, event lighting, retail spaces, warehouses and garages.

Wrapping Up
So, it completely depends on you what are the requirements and how bright you want the area to be. However, in case of confusion, you can also take help from an expert.