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Can LED Strip Lights be Used as Grow Lights?

Aug 03, 2020
Just like every living being, plants need regular care and attention in order to grow properly. Whether placed inside or out of the home, they ask for love from their owners. But, there is no denial in saying that it’s not possible to always take good care of them. Sometimes, the owners might not be able to provide a good environment for growth while sometimes, there is not enough sunlight to keep them healthy.
In that situation, LED strip lights come to the rescue with their feature of being the grow lights as well. Yes, they are capable of providing directional light distribution against less heat production. LED growth lights are actually an inexpensive way to keep the garden in good health, thereby ensuring robust growth of the plants. But, how do owners convert these strip lights into grow lights? Let’s have a look at a simple guide written by led strip lights supplier experts that comprises of three steps to make it happen within hours:

led grow strip lights

Step 01: Gather Parts of LED Grow Light
Before practically converting LED strip lights into grow lights, it is necessary to know the important parts in LED grow lights. The list includes:
· Silicone
· Adhesive pads
· UltraBright 24 volts LED strip lights (Architectural Series)
· RTV silicone
· Solderless LED connectors (strip to power and strip to strip)
· Nylon ties
· 24 volts power supply
Step 02: Connect Aluminum Bars with LED Strips
To begin with, measure and cut the strip lights according to the width of the place. Make sure to keep an eye on the markings, which are present after every 3rd chip, in order to ensure proper cut. Once done, take out the adhesive backing and attach these strips following the position of aluminum bars so that they can work as a heat sink and keep the plants safe from excess heat. This step will extend the life of LED chips while keep the owners rest assured about not spending money every now and then due to a number of reasons.
Don’t forget to connect solderless connectors with the LED strip lights along with a nylon tie for stability. Silicone blob should also be used on the connection of insulation.
Step 03: Installation of Aluminum Bars with LED Strips
After completing the bar connections, it’s not time to install them at the desired place. take out adhesive pads and secure both ends of the bar so that they the light will be secured above the indoor garden frame. Now, use bolts to strengthen the light structure and maintain equal distance between the bars so that there will be even heat distribution from the LED grow lights.
When it comes to providing power to these LED strips, the ideal method is to connect each strip to the supply and use strip to strip connectors to create a circuit. This connection is best for up to 32 feet long strips. So, while connecting the first strip to the supply, take a strip-to-power connector and attach the wire to the female coaxial connector. Now plug the coaxial cord to the male connection of the power supply and turn on the lights.