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COB LED Vs. SMD LED Strip Lights

Aug 10, 2020
 LED strip lights have been around since ages. Not only do they lighten up with the whole surrounding but will also bring a huge difference in the appeal and feel for others. Practically, they are performance-oriented and perform way better than fluorescent bulbs. The best part of these strip lights is their low maintenance requirement and reliability that aren’t available in any other lighting source.

COB LED Strip Lights

Types of LED Strip Lights
When it comes to choosing an appropriate type of LED strip lights, there are two primary types to take into consideration:
1. COB (Chip on Board) LED Strip Light
2. SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LED Strip Light

Whatever type is chosen, quality of light is always guaranteed. Buyers are rest assured about their long life with no compromise on efficiency. Though, each offers a unique set of features that every buyer should analyze before finalizing the decision.

COB LED Strip Light
COB LED lights are provided with mounted LED chips that are responsible to generate a lot of energy when lighten up. The only thing to remember is to make arrangements for cooling because wherever they are installed, chances are that its temperature would rise significantly. Ideally, the area should be having a big heat sink to reduce temperature, which is made up of aluminum. Though, remember that it will cost more than SMD LED strip.

Since COB LED strip lights are the high-quality light sources, they need reflectors to emit controlled light. They don’t have frosted lenses that are available in SMD LEDs. As the result, users can expect to have crisp and cleaner lighting that is ideal for high-ceiling rooms.

SMD LED Strip Light
Although many buyers would find COB LED strip efficient, SMD strip light also holds its own significance in terms of performance and durability. These lights generate more lumens per watt as compared to what COB strip lights can do. In short, there will be more power against the watts consumed.

SMD strip lights also pride themselves for producing broader light beams, which means that they don’t need a large heat sink than COB LED strip lights do. They are quite affordable while the frosted reflectors are responsible to ensure even spread of light while hide chips inside the bulbs.

Based on their structure, SMD LED strip lights are ideal to lighten large areas. They have turned out to be perfect for bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms because they offer greater glare as compared to COB LEDs.

Wrapping Up
Now that COB led strip lights manufacturer experts explain the difference SMD LEDs and COB LEDs , it should be easy for buyers to choose any of them. However, if they still need some assistance, they can either ask people in their surrounding or make more comparison between the two and come up with an appropriate option based on their requirements.