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Everything You Need to Know about LED Shoebox Light

Aug 26, 2020
LED shoebox lights have become the essence of time. Not only do they enable commercial and residential owners to lighten up their properties but will also turn out to be cost effective and long lasting for outdoor purposes. Since they are designed to through light all across the outside area, your job is to ascertain that the chosen version is efficient, long lasting, energy saving and capable to meet the expectations.

Whether it is a parking lot of your commercial building, a garage, garden or even a backyard, LED shoebox is what you should be installing. But, how can you find the right match for your needs? Yes, it’s quite difficult to answer this question but, if you have the right approach, things can get a lot easier than you could expect. So, here is a basic insight into how you are going to proceed with your search for the right LED shoebox lights.

led shoebox lights
Upgrade to LED Shoebox Lights or Not
The first and foremost thing is to evaluate your need of getting the shoebox lights. Remember that it’s not always necessary to upgrade to the lights because the place would not need that much lighting. There is no need to waste money and time for no reason.

Existing Lights or New
This question will determine your approach to selecting the type of LED shoebox lights. For instance, if you are installing lights in a newly constructed place, your local municipality will do an environmental study before permitting. On the other hand, you will need to go through a number of hoops to install new lights in an existing building.

Types of Mounting LED Shoebox Lights
The next consideration is to give to the mounting style that will depend on the pole where they will be installed. Here are some styles you can choose from:
· Slip Fitter Mount is a style in which, the lights are installed on a stump type pole called tenon. It is 2 ½-inch in diameter and 4-inch in length.
· Straight Arm Mounts are referred to as common mounts. They are usually applied on the square poles.
· Trunnion Mount is usually fit at the base of the shoebox lights.

Power Supply for LED Shoebox Lights
When it comes to replacing ordinary lights with LED shoebox lights, have a look at the following table:

Original Lamp LED Shoebox
70-watt metal halide 30-watt LED
100-watt metal halide 40-50-watt LED
150-watt metal halide 60-70-watt LED
175-watt metal halide 80-90-watt LED
70-watt metal halide100-watt high pressure sodium 40-watt LED
100-watt metal halide100-watt high pressure sodium 50-60-watt LED
150-watt metal halide100-watt high pressure sodium 80-90-watt LED
250-watt metal halide100-watt high pressure sodium 90-125-watt LED

All you need to do is to figure out whether the existing lighting is enough or less with respect to the space’s requirements. Once you have this information, make your choice for LED shoebox lights accordingly.

Idea Color for the Light
Installation of shoebox lights means that you will have to be careful about their color selection. Rest assured that you can consistently control the color, which cannot be done in the traditional ones. For outdoor purpose, 5000k color lights are ideal.

Purchase of the LED Shoebox Lights
Once you are sure about the elements to be present in the lights, your next concern should be about finding a reliable manufacturer. It’s not just about the quality of products they are producing, rather, you should also evaluate the extent of their services, especially post-installation.

Wrapping Up
With all these information, it should be easy for you to make a selection for LED shoebox lights based on your requirements. Though, if you are still confused, then don’t hesitate to knock the doors of the experts.