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How to Choose the Right LED Strip Lights Manufacturer?

Aug 01, 2020
With increasing usage and benefits of LED lights, manufacturers have come up with a new and better option in the form of LED strips. While there are a number of exceptions and variants available, they hold the following common characteristics for the users:
· Can operate on low power supply
· Made up of many tiny LED emitters put together on a flexible, narrow circuit-board
· Available in different variable and fixed colors and brightness level
· Reel is usually 5 meters or 16 feet that include double-sided adhesive or quick and easy mounting

Now let led strip lights manufacturer guide you how to find the right LED strip lights:
led strip lights
· Anatomy of LED Strips
Based on their structure, LED strip lights are usually ½-inch or 10-12 mm wide and 5 meters or more in length. Users have the freedom to cut them in whatever length they want. The best part is that they can be cut with a pair of scissors from the cutlines that are present after every 1 or 2 inches.
LEDs emitters are put together on the strip with densities ranging between 18 and 36 LEDs per 60 to 120 meters or per foot. The quality and light color are the key elements to determine efficiency and performance of the strips.
As for the backside, these LED strips are provided with double-sided pre-applied adhesive. At the time of installation, users just have to peel off the liner and put them virtually anywhere they want. Since their circuit-board is flexible, they are the perfect choice for uneven and curvy installations.

· Brightness of LED Strips
Metric lumens are the primary components to determine the brightness of LED strip lights. They are different from incandescent bulbs because of the presence of different efficiency levels. Users cannot always rely upon the wattage rating to know the actual light output.
The brightness of LEDs is usually calculated in lumens per meter (or foot). Users are, therefore, recommended to evaluate the quality of LED strips before purchasing them. Ideally, it should be 1500 lumens/meter or 450 lumens/foot, which enables the light strips to work like traditional T8 fluorescent lamps.
Other than that, below are 3 important factors to determine LED brightness:
· Number of LED/ foot
· Power output from an LED strip/ foot
· Efficiency and light output/ LED emitter

· LED Power Draw & Density
LED density is an important element to determine the ideal distance between LED pitch along with to figure out whether or not LED emitters will have visible dark spots and hotspots in-between. When 36 LEDs per foot or 120 LEDs per meter are selected, users are rest assured about getting higher density with even lighting effect.
As per the power draw, it is responsible to explain consumption by the system so that users can calculate total electricity expenses. Quality LED strip lights should work at 15 watts/meter or 4 watts/foot.

· LED Color Options
The thing that makes LED strip lights different is their availability in various shades, except for white. While white lights are versatile and frequently used, other colors also make them preferable in one way the other.
When it comes to purchasing white lights, color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature (CCT) turn out to be the important metrics to do so. Color temperature will dictate how cool or warm the color is while color rendering tells the accuracy of colors appearing under the source.

· Fixed Color and Variable Color
To get that saturated and punchy color effect, color LED Strips emerge as the perfect option to get than theatrical and accent lighting effect. These strip lights are available in various colors, red, green, violet, amber and infrared or ultraviolet.
Color LED strip lights are of two types: color changing and fixed single color. Users can choose whatever they want based on the purpose and occasion they need for.

Wrapping Up
There is much more to the selection of LED strip lights. Users are required to pay attention on their needs and figure out what is prevailing in the market so that they can make appropriate selections.