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How to Choose Outdoor LED Solar Rope Lights

Jul 20, 2020
Rope lights have led to a revolution in the lighting accessory industry. This is down to their affordability and versatility. LED rope lights are the perfect outdoor lighting accessory for outdoor events in your courtyard or patio. They aren’t just ideal for such roomy spaces,car decoration but also superbly useful for accent or task lighting. They exist in incandescent, clear, colors, low voltage, and perhaps, most importantly, solar variants.

Does the term ‘rope lights’ sound strange to you? They are those fancy linear lights you see tied to trees at Christmas or Halloween. Encased in flexible PVC tubes, outdoor rope lights can be used for illuminating spaces for safety purposes (staircases), as well as offer unique luminescence and subtle ambiance to your outdoor deck, grill area, or gazebos. They have come a long way since they first made way to the market. In these years, some of the problems associated with them have been addressed. One such is the wiring. Typically, they need a wired connection to an electrical outlet to work. They also incur extra electricity costs. A clinical solution to these limitations is solar rope lights.

outdoor solar rope lights
Unlike other rope lights, solar LED rope lights charge using solar energy. Hence, they do not need an electrical source to function. They not only give you the option of using them in spaces with no electrical sockets but also reduce your utility bills to the bare minimum. However, it would be best if you made some considerations before purchasing one. Since they can be used for virtually any space and exist in different forms, you have to be sure the one you’re getting is the best fit for your area. The following are things you should look out for when purchasing a solar rope light.


This is undoubtedly an essential consideration to make if you’re going to be using your solar rope lights outdoor like most people. You must ensure that they are built of incredibly strong and sturdy materials. This is because they will mostly be subjected to harsh weather. Not all solar rope lights are of excellent build quality. Hence, not all are suitable for your garden or outdoor space.

For best results, the lights and solar panels should be waterproof to levels of IP65 and IP44, respectively.

Weather condition

Since solar rope lights need ample lighting to charge their batteries, it might be out of place to buy one if your area is mostly cloudy. Do not fret! You can still enjoy its many benefits. How? By going with one with an additional charger. Some rope lights come with an extra charger that you can use to charge your lights if you do not get enough sunshine to do so.


As earlier highlighted, there are many reasons one might choose to buy a solar rope light. Before purchasing one, you should decide why you need it. Are you getting it for security or decorative purposes? If you are buying one for more practical use, you should go with products with really bright lights. We recommend LED bulbs for this purpose. Otherwise, you might want to consider other solar light options.

Ease of installation

This is one significant factor to be considered. Although most solar rope lights are easy to install, there are still exceptions to the norm. Ensure that the product you splash your cash on is easy to install. Things that enhance ease of installation are dimensions and overall flexibility.


Now, we expect that you see beyond the surface and understand that solar powered rope lights are the best form of rope lights available in the market. They offer all the benefits of traditional rope lights and even more. Still, there are considerations you have to make before buying one. Having made due considerations, it is time to clothe your garden in the best solar rope lights available – ours.