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How to Choose the Right UV Disinfection Lamp?

Aug 14, 2020
Disinfection lamps have become the essence of time. Apart from the current pandemic, they are necessary to maintain a healthy environment in the home. Due to increasing health hazards and outbreak of serious diseases, your responsibility is to take appropriate measures to keep yourself and loved ones safe. While there are a number of methods and sources that could help to make it happen, a UV disinfection lamp is what you need for healthy nights. Don’t think that bacteria and germs will not attack when it is dark. They can reach you anywhere and whenever they want.

UV Disinfection Lamp
So, it is important to find the right and reasonably priced UV lamp that could serve for a long time period. You will need have basic insight about the components as well as features to look for. Since there is a huge variety available, you will need to analyze their offerings and compare with each other in order to come up with an appropriate version. Let’s dive into some of the considerations to land on a decision:

· Choose the Type
The first and foremost consideration is to choose the type of disinfection lamp you will be using. Practically, there are two types:
· Low-Pressure Mercury Ultraviolet Lamp: They are a mainstream option with 8000 working hours.
· LED Ultraviolet Lamp: They are capable to work for a significantly longer time period with the promise of a better future. These lamps are ideal to disinfect small items like lens disinfection.

· Material of the Lamp
If you have decided to go with low-pressure mercury UV disinfection lamp, then here are the two options you have:
1. Quartz tube UV germicidal lamp: It offers the best UV light transmission with long lasting service, lesser light decay and better sterilization.
2. High boron tube germicidal UV LED: Its UV light intensity is quite less with short life span due to which, its sterilization is not as effective as quartz tube.
3. Synthetic Quartz Glass: It is ideal for everyday use but, be sure that it shouldn’t have ozone because it would be dangerous for people in the surrounding.

· Power
Ideally, you should choose a UV lamp that contains power of 1watt per square or 1.5watts per cubic with 3 meters height. When these requirements are met, there will be a huge difference in disinfection by the ultraviolet lamp.

· Radiation Dose
While analyzing your options for a UV disinfection lamp, following requirements should be met: general disinfection 10,000 microwatts, UV rays 253.7 nm while to disinfect areas from high-risk viruses, 100,000 microwatts are required.

· Find the Best Brand/Manufacturer
If you don’t have enough knowledge about how to disinfect your home, the rule of thumb is always to go for highly professional and dedicated manufacturers who produce top notch UV disinfecting lamps. While there are many brands claiming to be the best, your job is to compare their offerings or ask those who have tried any of them before. Get to know about their experience and follow their word of mouth.

Wrapping Up
Now that you have enough information about how to choose a UV disinfection lamp, it will be quite easy to come up with a good decision. You can be rest assured of making the most of their benefits.