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How to Make LED Neon Strip Signs?

Aug 13, 2020
If you are planning to create neon signs on your own, then you should get some basic technical and electrical knowledge first. Since a DIY project doesn’t involve any professional help, you must learn enough skills to avoid facing any incident.

Once you are ready, it’s finally time to get to the real work by test the board with the help of three LED strips that will light up as joined. With the help of 2-pin wires, connect wires to create a circuit and pass energy through one wire to illuminate the designed neon signs. Make sure that every strip’s ground has a separate control wire that comes from the cable having 4 colored wires. Now, take the male end of this cable and connect with female receptacle and give a power supply of 12 volts to the DC jack and see how the lights illuminate. If they have blinking feature, test it as well.

neon strip lights

Once you are sure that everything is working fine, go ahead and let our neon signs manufacturer experts guide you to create your own neon signs.

Design the Sign
Take a foam core board and use your creativity to lay out LED neon strips. Now secure them by poking various pairs of holes on the foam board with the help of a clear zip tie.

Splice Neon Strips
When it comes to using shorter lengths of LED strips, all you need to do is to cut them from the black lines present at the back of their tape to avoid damaging the circuit. Once you have multiple neon strips, joined them together in such a way that they create multi-color lengths. Use an electrical tape or shrink tubing to give the final touch and start to fix them based on your design.

If you don’t want wires to pop out or be visible on the design, just create holes and bring the wires at the back of the board and tie them. Here, the most important step is to make the most of the 2-pin connectors in order to chain the neon strips together so that they can be in perfect harmony with each other.

If you want to bring more appeal and attraction to the neon signs, the best approach is to stack two boards. They will not only make assembly easy but will also give more display options than you would have if you use just one board.

The Process
Since neon signs are basically glass tubes filled with inert gas, you will have to pay attention to the type of gas as it is responsible to give a certain color to the signs. For instance, argon gas generates steel blue light while neon gases produce red colored lighting.
Use glass blowing method to shape the tubes based on the design you have created. Now take a ribbon burner, to heat spots on the device at 12000F and within a few seconds, you will have the designed shape with the required diameter.
Cut off excess tube, if any and clean its ends from residues. Now join two tubes together with a flexible latex blowing tube and a propane hand torch and seal one end so that neon electrodes will remain inside.

Once you are done, sip the entire sign into black paint so that it will enhance design and lettering when it illuminates.