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Can You Have Neon Lights on Your Motorcycle?

Aug 11, 2020
Are you tired of riding that boring motorcycle? Want to revamp its looks? Don’t want to take that dull motorcycle on the road? Want to rock and attract others with something creative? If yes, then neon LED lights are the perfect choice you can swear by.

All you need to do is to analyze your needs and choose the right neon lights for your motorcycle. Remember that they are ideal for underglow but if you want to illuminate the body, they can also handle that job efficiently. But, the question is how to choose the shades for neon LED lights? What are those key factors that can help to make a decision? Let our neon lights manufacturer experts get to know about them:

Flexible neon lights

· Every Motorcycle Needs DIFFERENT LED Neon Lights
No doubt, there are numerous lighting options for your consideration. Not only do they enhance overall appearance of the motorcycle but also cater attention of others and make them urge to have the same. Your job is to figure out which type of go for as there are strip lights, pod lights, motorcycle lights etc. claiming to be the best for unique lighting effects.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that most of the ‘cheap lights’ are capable of providing the same services as those ‘premium lights’ do. So, it’s better to avoid running after expensive neon lights and pick the one which suits your requirements.

· Dim Light or a Brighter One?
The quality of LED lights is determined by their color accuracy and brightness. Never believe in claims that you see or hear in the advertisements until you try neon lights on your own. It is possible that two lights from different manufacturers and price ranges can work differently. Chances are also that you would find a cheaper one better than the expensive light based on how bright would look.

· Adhesive Backing Should be There
Another distinguishing factors between junk and quality is the adhesive backing that is responsible to stick the neon LED lights on the motorcycle. The rule of thumb is to always check this feature before making a purchase.

· Not All Neon Lights are Waterproof
It is one of the crucial factors that will enable you to narrow down your options. Always go for waterproof neon lights because it will prevent them from causing any sort of disaster, particularly fire!

· Prefer Flexible LED Lights
Since the body of motorcycle is curvy, flexible LED neon lights are perfect. You can bend them in whatever way you want. They can fit any corner or side of the motorcycle and would not leave you in regret of not working on a particular area.

· A Fuse Should be There
Always make sure that your neon lights have a fuse. To avoid these lights from getting hot or cause any problem, it is necessary to have a fuse. Although these lights consume a small amount of energy, their circuit needs an assistant to prevent incidents.

Now that you have decided to revamp your motorcycle with neon lights, rest assured of seeing many eyes on your motorcycle, instead of you!