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LED String Lights VS Rope Lights VS Strip Lights

Aug 04, 2020
LED lights have been in trend since a long time. They are available in a wide variety but nothing has managed to grab the market just the way strips lights, rope and string lights did. Yes, there are three different shapes or forms of LED lights that are designed to meet certain requirements. Since their structure is completely different from the other, buyers will have to identify their needs before they step forward to make a deal.
While the three options are available everywhere, what buyers have to do is to list down their requirements and analyze each option in order to figure out which one would go best with them. Though, if someone doesn’t feel like doing these efforts, then here led strip lights manufacturer expert write short explanations about each option so that it would be easy to make a comparison and find the answer to the question.

led rope lights

Rope Lights
The lighting source of LED rope lights lies is tiny LED bulbs that are responsible to provide optimum longevity and flexibility of usage. This type of lights is available in either 12/24 volts vDC input or 12/22 volts vAC input. However, what most of the buyers would not like is their availability in single colors or in other words, they cannot change colors.
With that being said, LED rope lighting is ideal for decorative purpose, where there is a need to add a particular color of lights to create the desired environment. Even better, people can easily wrap them around the trees or bend and shape in whatever way they want.

LED Strip Lights
Also referred to as LED ribbon or tape lights, LED strip lights have a flexible circuit that is created by light-emitting diodes that are surface mounted and have an adhesive backing. Since they are available in a number of quality levels, buyers have to understand what quality level they are looking for.
Flexible LED lights are capable of bringing a significant change in low profile, flat shapes due to which, it is convenient for buyers to install them wherever they want. With incredible customization and brightness, these strip lights are multi-purpose and can be used in various areas- be it kitchen under the cabinet, large conference rooms or on a bedroom wall.

LED String Lights
Referred to as the commercial grade, high quality products, this system of diodes has no bulbs that can be replaced or damaged. LED string lights are quite robust, essential and cost effective. Although they are equal, lighting has a minimum arc of 120 degrees.

LED string lights used to illuminate as electrons move within a particular semi-conducting material. They are quite similar to traditional lights but offer optimum durability, which is not provided by any other type. The best part of these LED lights is that they offer incredible energy efficiency and remain environmentally friendly for as long as they are used.

Now that the three types of LED lights have been explained, one thing is quite certain that each of them is designed to meet specific needs. Users cannot expect them to be useful every time. They need favorable conditions as well input to get the jobs done efficiently. So, the rule of thumb is to identify the needs and come up with an appropriate option.