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Everything You Need to Know UFO High Bay Lights

Sep 01, 2020
Have you ever noticed why do a convention center or Costoc looks bright and beautiful? If you don’t know, this is because of the UFO high bay lights. Due to their ease of installation and small size, you are rest assured of installing them anywhere you want. Apart from being bright, these fixtures pride themselves for providing even light distribution to reduce glare along with the following features:

ufo LED high bay lights
· 5000K white
· Impact Resistant Glass Shield and Aluminum Body
· Available in 100-watt, 150-watt, 200-watt and 240-watt
· 120 volts to 277 volts Working Voltage
· 110-degree Beam Angle
· 13000 to 31200 lumens

To get more information on UFO high bay lights, here is everything you need to know:

· Reflectors
When UFO high bay lights are combined with reflectors, they generate a refined beam angle with satisfactory light outputs. This beam angle will determine how the fixtures will look. With the help of aluminum reflectors, high bay lights will emit 100-degree beam angle, which maintains sleek appearance of the fixtures. Though, if you want to go for 7-degree beam angle, expect to have a traditional metal halide look.

· Alternative Mounting
UFO high bay lights are provided with a hook that simplifies their installation. But, if you want a more secure mount, add a yoke or a conduit pipe instead of the hook. They will enable you to pendant mount the lights with a rigid fit. With a yoke, you can also get secure fit with the facility to set UFO bay lights at a certain angle.

· Motion Sensor
Just like linear high bay lights, you can expect the UFO high LED bay lights to have a motion sensor(want to know outdoor flood lights with motion sensor). They will turn on when the sensor detects any movement in their surroundings. When there is no movement, they start to dim slowly and shut off completely on their own. As for the position of these high bay lights, mount them on the metal reflector or heatsink to cover 360-degree detection area. Normally, these motion sensors can work within 26 feet radius and 49 feet height.

· Linear High Bay VS. UFO High Bay
When it comes to comparing linear high bay with UFO high bay LED lights, start by considering their beam angles. The latter takes help from polycarbonate reflectors to illuminate small areas. Their lumen range and circular diode arrangement make these reflectors ideal for UFO bay lights to work at more open and shallow spaces. Other the contrary, LED linear lights are provided with a long diode arrangement for a wider beam angle. They are perfect when mounted higher, thereby making themselves appropriate for high rising aisles and other narrow spaces(are you also interested in high bay lights vs low bay lights?).

· Prefer LED, Not Metal Halide
Traditional bay fixtures have the same pendant design as that of UFO LED high bay lights. They have Omni-directional bulbs and need aluminum reflectors to direct light downwards. Although it gathers most of the light, the results are not as satisfactory are they should be.

· Water-Resistance
Yes, you cannot dunk commercial fixtures in the water; the key is just to find water-resistant options. UFO high bay lights are particularly famous for having UL-rating that measures water resistance. Therefore, you are rest assured of installing them at wet locations where water flows, splashes or drips.

With all these facts, you should be able to find such high bay lights that are appropriate for the area and last longer without asking for maintenance or repair(evergthing you want to know how to choose high bay lights?).