SMD 2835,5630,5730-Is the Brightest RGB LED Strip Lights

Good LED lighting is the key to letting the space stand out, lifting up the mood and giving a cozy and comfortable feel. The level of brightness plays a crucial role here as it is responsible to make the space look luminous and inviting for people. Even, if you intend to change the atmosphere and mood, just adjust brightness and see how everything will change.

You would have seen a lot of modifications and improvement in lighting technology by now; there was a time when there were only traditional bulbs with specific brightness level and colors. But today, there are LED strip lights that enable you to adjust them as per your requirements. Apart from providing a wide variety, these lighting sources are quite efficient and actually better than the alternatives available out there.

Though, if you tend to be a little bit confused, don’t bother to make a wrong decision in a hurry. The key is to compare the three lighting options, especially on the basis of their brightness level, and then make a decision.

LED vs CFL vs IncandescentLEDCFLIncandescent
Average cost/bulb$4 max$2$1
Average useful life25000hours8000 hours12000 hours
No. of bulbs required for 25,000 hours1321

The fact is quite visible and obvious that LED strip lights need minimal power to provide the same brightness as that of incandescent bulbs and CFL. Other than that, here is what you need to know about the brightest LED strips to reap the benefits:

What is Meant by the Brightest LED Strip?

In technical terms, SMD 5730 series are the brightest of all. But, do you know what do they mean? Practically, all LED strip lights are provided with certain code names like 5730, 5050, 3014 etc. These numeric terms are basically the physical dimensions of LED strips; for instance, 5050 refers to 5mm x 5mm.

So, the reason why 5730 are the brightest of all is that these strip lights have powerful LEDs that illuminate better than other series. Though, you cannot always compare series with one another because each hold uniqueness and significance in one way the other. You can get the required level of brightness by adding or removing LEDs from the strips.

Why Do You Need the Brightest LED Strip Light?

If you got a chance to visit a stadium, you would have seen that the ground is surrounded with heavy duty floodlights from every angle. They are responsible to keep the entire stadium illuminated for as long as they are needed.

Just like heavy duty LED strip lights are required at the stadium, you will have to figure out your requirements. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to install the brightest accent lighting in your home. Instead, they could be the perfect addition to public places or offices.

For bathrooms, elevators and staircases, medium level LED lights are ideal while the brightest ones can be added to photography and filming equipment, event lighting, retail spaces, warehouses and garages.

How to Measure the Brightness?

Before we explore the brightest LEDs,Let’s know some basic terms on brightness. Lumens, Lux, Candela and Watts? Which is best to measure the brightness of fixture lighting.


Lumen may is common basic terms, Lumen (lm) is used to measure  how much visible light is emitted by fixture light, it is also called luminous flux. The total light intensity of the visible light is represented by the total number of lumens emitted. In other word, when you are looking for the “brightness power” of lighting fixture, please reference the total number of Lumens.


Lux (lx) is another common basic term,which is used to measure the amount of visible light (luminous flux) reached on a surface area, it is also called illuminance. Illuminance is a important consideration for engineer when applying luminaires for an installation. this unit is  lumens per square metre, as 1 lux unit equals 1 lumen per square metre, or 1 lx = 1 lm/m2. In application, lux can be measured by lux meter which will provide an accurate record of the illuminance.


The candela (cd) is used to measure the brightness of a light or the luminous intensity in a certain direction. The name candela  originated from a common candle generates approximately 1 candela of brightness in a specific direction. It is widely used in focused light, such as spotlights, and as such often isn’t stated on luminaires.


Most of people still use the Watts to measure the brightness of a light, and it could give a clear difference in brightness of 10, 20, or 30 watt light. It is better used for incandescent and the variation in efficiency between similar series LEDs. Today with more energy efficient lights, watts is decreased its importance to measure the brightness.  A watt i a unit of power, or the rate of energy consumption in a certain time,such as Kilowatts per hour (kWh), This is means if you turn on a 1000w light  for 1 hour, that would be 1000 watt hour (kWh).

Luminaire efficacy

In addition to light fixture itself, there are other factors to think about when measuring the amount of light emitted. Most lights come with diffusers and reflectors etc device. These device will have an impact on the brightness and distribution of light from the luminaire. Using Luminaire efficacy factors to provide a more accurate measurement of the lumens emitted by the entire luminaire.

Lumens per watt

Lumens per watt is ratio on the number of lumens a light emitted for each watt of power it consumes. For example, a light emitting 2,000 lumens that consumes 400 watts,we will call 5 lm/W. Most light fixture manufacturers will offer Lumens per watt on their luminaires and light as a reference overall efficiency.

SMD 2835 vs SMD5730,Which the difference?


The size of SMD 2835 is 2.8mm length,3.5 mm width and 0.8mm thickness.SMD2835 LED adopt a unique LED heat dissipation structure, and the chip is placed on the pin, which helps the chip node to dissipate heat and make the node temperature not accumulate, ensuring the higher lifespan and low light decay. In addition, the thermal resistance of SMD 2835 LED is lower than similar LEDs type, and it is better than similar LEDs type when tested at room temperature.

The rated voltage of the common white light SMD LEDs is 3.0-3.6V, while the rated voltage of white light SMD2835 LEDs can be  6V/9V/12V/18V etc other high voltage in addition to the 3V voltage.

Due to SMD2835 LEDs adopts special heat dissipation method,it can reach a power of 1.0W.The current of SMD2835 LEDs can be used  at 150mA, and the  brightness is as high as 40-70LM. In therms of the overall cost , SMD2835  LEDs  have competitive advantages,which are widely used in LED fluorescent, bulb, ceiling light, panel lights, downlights and other lighting fixtures.

SMD 5730

The size of SMD5730 is 5.7mm length,3.0 mm width and 0.9mm thickness.Most of SMD5730 is 0.5W power, 150MA current, and 3.0-3.4V voltage.

SMD5730 has high brightness that can reach 55lM or higher,high color rendering index,uniform color,low attenuation, low energy consumption, long life and powerful antistatic ability, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, etc.advantages. The LEDs are all packaged with silica gel.

 It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting such as LED fluorescent light, LED spotlights, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights, LED bulb lights, etc.

What is the difference between SMD5730 and SMD5630 ?

SMD 5630 originated from Samsung in South Korea,is a medium power LEDs, the typical  power is 0.5W and the size is 5.6 mm length,3.0 mm width and 0.9mm thickness. SMD 5730 originated from China,the size is 5.7 mm length,3.0 mm width and 0.9mm thickness.The two LEDs are very similar and almost the same light efficiency, but still slightly difference.

In terms of market,the SMD5630 is widely used in the foreign LED market. SMD5730  is used more in China. In fact, SMD5730  is also based on the 5630 bracket,therefore, the appearance is the same.

SMD5630 has four solder legs, and the length between its two legs is 56mm, while SMD5730 has two solder legs, and the length between its two legs is 57mm.

The four solder feet of SMD5630 are relatively short and thin,resulting in relatively high defect rate in the process of soldering by the SMT machine. While SMD573 pins are lengthened by 0.5mm on both sides,it can decrease the defect rate.

The LEDs is different depending on manufacturers. However, most of SMD5630 (5730) LEDs on the market have reached 45LM or more,  and a few high-end LEDs can reach 60LM or more,click here to know more SMD2835,SMD3528 and SMD5050 LED strip.

Wrapping Up

So, it completely depends on you what are the requirements and how bright you want the area to be. However, in case of confusion, you can also take help from an expert.