LED Strip SMD2835 vs 3014 vs 5050,Which is Better

Are you looking for LED strip for your project? If you are a beginner, you may feel confused that there are so many different types of LEDs on the market, such as SMD2835, SMD3014 and SMD5050. What is the difference between them and which one is better? How to choose?

In this article, we will  explore what is the meaning of SMD2835, SMD3014 and SMD505,each advantage and disadvantage, and the differences between them. Let’s go in detail.

SMD 2835

SMD2835 is a medium-power super bright LED, with 0.1W, 0.2W and 0.5W. The size of SMD2835 is 2.8mm length × 3.5mm width × 0.8mm thickness.

There are tree types of SMD2835 in power,like below:

PowerVoltage(white /blue/green)Voltage(red/yellow)CurrentFlux

SMD 2835 can reach 20-22 lumens,which is an upgraded LEDs after SMD3014.Compared with SMD 3528,it has higher brightness and better heat dissipation,which is widely in  fluorescent light, bulb , panel lights and other light.Go here to know the brightest LED strip.


SMD 3014

SMD 3014 refers to LED with a size of 3.0 mm length × 1.4 mm width × 0.8 mm thickness,which is widely used for light tube, light bar,advertising board,LED backlight and other lighting and display.

TypeVoltageCurrentPowerLumenColor rendering index


Compared with other LEDs, SMD3014 is quite relatively small size, LEDs are thinner and more convenient in design.

High brightness of SMD3014 up to 11-12LM

SMD3014 is low light decay, low thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity.The thermal resistance of SMD3528 is 160°C/W,while SMD3014 is only 40°C/W. In addition, the LEDs tested at room temperature is better than ordinary LEDs.

Compared with SMD3528/3020,the more lower cost,Therefore, it is a better LED choice for fluorescent light or LED strip.

SMD3014 is better heat dissipation due to its heat dissipation structure is different from that of SMD3528.


The size of SMD5050 is 5mm length*5mm wide*1.6mm thickness, and its light intensity up to 5500-6000MCD (pure white light, slightly smaller warm light),while the voltage is the same as that of ordinary LEDs, only 2.8-3.6V,which is commonly used in high-end energy-saving light, LED light strips and small-sized LEDs etc.



Low power consumption

Long  life, the life span of the LED up to 100,000 hours.

High brightness, low heat

Strong controllability:It is easy to archive color changes and light dark changes due to fast response.

SMD 2835 vs SMD5050,which is better

SMD2835 and SMD5050 are two different LEDs, and as which is better one depends on the specific application.

SMD 2835 is common monochromatic LEDs, such as white light, red light, green light, blue light, etc., with a size of 2.8mm length *3.8mm wide *0.8 mm, thickness.Due to its small size and flexible performance, it is commonly used in light strips, and tube light.

There are a variety of color and color temperature for SMD5050 ,with a size of 5mm length*5.00 wide*1.6mm thickness, and used for color led strip and tube etc.

The two LEDs are different size and application However, the SMD2835 is low power monochrome LED, uses flip chip technology, which has better heat dissipation, the SMD 5050 is a conventional package technology. In the field of lighting fixtures, SMD2835 is more popular due to its small size, high in luminous efficiency and good heat dissipation. In the field of signs, both are used, but in some colorful light,SMD5050 is better in full-color colorful lights.

SMD 2835 vs SMD3014,which is better

Typesizelighting-areaHeat dissipationAngleLux

SMD2835 adopts new aluminum plating process,with the unique vertical heat dissipation, a heat sink at bottom and the chip directly leads to the heat sink design. Compared with SMD3014, the heat dissipation area is larger and the heat dissipation is faster.

SMD2835 adopts the front light-emitting and rectangular light-emitting surface design.The light-emitting area is 9.18mm², which is 2.5 times that of SMD3014 and more  light-emitting efficiency.   

The brightness of SMD2835 up to22 lumens (LM), and the brightness is 2.8 times that of SMD3528 and 1.8 times that of SMD3014.

The light-emitting angle of SMD2835 is up to 120 degrees,the light spot is more uniform and the illuminance is wider in application.

SMD2835 is an upgraded new LEDs,overcomes the narrow light-emitting angle shortcomings of SMD3014 in side light-emitting.

On the whole, SMD2835 LED strip is better and higher brightness. The brightness of A SMD2835 LED is at least 20lm or more, while SMD 3014 range from 12 to 14lm, and the heat dissipation of SMD2835 is better than that of SMD3014.

What is the difference between SMD5050 RGB LED and smd5050?

5050 refers to the size of LED. 5050,RGB only refers to the color of the LED. There are other colors. R stands for red, G stands for green, V stands for blue, and W stands for white etc

RGB LED is an LED that can emit three colors.So, SMD5050 RGB generally contains three chips of different wavelengths (such as red, green, and blue), while SMD5050 is generally refers to a single type of LED, which contains 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 chips. In general,both are the same in appearance and structure.

Wrapping up

In this article, we have introduced the specifications of SMD2835,SMD3014 and SMD5050.Among them,SMD2835 uses a unique heat dissipation design, which is an upgraded LED technology, and compares SMD 2835 and SMD5050, SMD 2835 and SMD3014.

In general, in terms of brightness and heat dissipation, SMD2835 LED are better that of SMD3014. As for SMD 2835 or SMD5050,which is better, it depends on the specific application. SMD2835 is a single color LEDs, while there are a variety of color  and color temperature options for SMD5050, which is more commonly used in full-color or RGB light strip or tube.Click here to know more the difference between SMD2835 and SMD3528.